WEP's Mission
To provide the impetus for students and teachers to make a personal connection with wilderness, and inspire them to make caring for Wild Nature part of their lives.

The Need
Being a responsible citizen and steward of the environment is a life-long journey. It begins by connecting the head to the heart and the heart to wild nature. In the Lower Mainland of British Columbia, today's predominantly urban youth have few opportunities to learn about our outstanding natural heritage, to experience their connection to wilderness first hand, and to recognize the vital importance of environmental stewardship of our protected areas. There is currently no teaching module in the school curriculum that provides youth with a broad understanding of the vital importance of conserving biological diversity for a sustainable future. Now WEP fills this gap with an already successful education program aimed directly at BC's future decision-makers and stewards of the earth.

Using a variety of learning styles, WEP's one to two hour presentations use a hands-on, experiential and interactive style to enhance and complement all subjects and integrate with the existing curricula. WEP is adaptable for students of all ages and all types of school programs.

  • Interactive in-school presentations
  • Hands-on activities in school grounds
  • Follow-up resources
  • Workshops for teachers

Topics include:

  • The Web of Life
  • Wilderness in the 21st Century
  • Wilderness adventuring
  • Developing your sense of place
  • Natural resources of BC
  • Jobs, economy and wilderness
  • Biophilia: our love for other life forms
  • Cultivating our sense of wonder
  • Introduction to the biogeography of coastal BC
  • Conservation and You
  • Technology and wilderness
  • Lessons from the Wildside


  • All Elementary Grades
  • All Secondary Grades - especially Geography 12, Biology 11, Socials 10/11, Writing, Art, CAPP
  • Outdoor Ed. Programs
  • First Nation Youth Programs
  • ESL Programs
  • Alternate Programs
  • Teachers' conferences & Pro D Days

Becky Macoun, Tim Turner and Mark Lebbell are certified teachers with years of experience in outdoor & indoor education, and an enduring passion for wild Nature

Phone Lisa Baile, Program Director @ 604 732 0509 or email:

Half-day or full-day bookings are recommended (Teachers can expect a follow-up phone call to discuss presentation details)

Half day: $150. Full day: $220

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